For Our Contracted School Districts We Pride Ourselves in Providing –

  • School District’s Parents’ Bill of Rights Regarding Data Privacy and Security
  • Data will be stored, and the security protections taken to ensure such data will be protected, including whether such data will be encrypted
  • Assurances that we will only share District Data with entities or persons authorized by the District
  • Orientation for all office staff, administrators, and Officers. Non-disclosure and intellectual policy for cooperation is provided as a common practice
  • All electronic District Data will be protected through the use of encryption technology in compliance with New York Education Law § 2-d(5)(f)(5).
  • Coordinated, close instruction between classroom teachers, district specialists, and parents
  • Daily documented progress notes which are submitted on a timely basis to insure the upmost communication between the student, parent, and the school district
  • Following Safe School Legislation
  • Attendance at CSE meetings or teleconferences on an as needed basis
  • Educational professional reports to outside agencies as requested
  • Timely notification to districts if a family is non-compliant
  • One-on-one personalized instruction
  • Certified mandated counseling as prescribed by the school districts CSE
  • Responsible tutors are available to administer Regents, State and class finals
  • Seeing in all steps along the way, that Students will always be first while we move them forward