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We are a comprehensive educational service provider that focuses on moving students forward. We fully support “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA), and pride our efforts in preparing students for a successful career/college readiness skill set for their current and future success. We promote student responsibility and accountability for his/her education and realize that students learn through different modalities. By providing differentiation of a lesson, we believe that optimum success can be achieved. Furthermore, by deploying a positive relationship and commitment, Educational Advisory Associates provides students with the tools needed for reaching optimum academic achievement.

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We have three basic missions: Moving Students Forward, Parental Support, and Supporting District Initiatives

Moving Students Forward

Key to our mission. We believe that while students are in a transitional period, focusing on working alongside the student while coordinating with the classroom teacher, ensures optimal results. By doing this, and to fully engage and bring confidence to each student, we know that we can move students forward, seamlessly, while supporting educational equity.

Parental Support

To enhance the students understanding of a given subject we encourage all parents to be active in their child’s education. We advise parents to take an active role to insure high yet reasonable expectations for their child’s achievement in planning common goals. Our tutors/specialists realize that a transition can cause frustration, however we are prepared to support and encourage parents to be persistent yet work as a team in educating their child.

Supporting District Initiatives

To provide optimal educational supportive services and effective communication, which compliments the coordinated efforts between students, parents, teachers, and district administration.

About Us

Our Specialists and Services
Our certified educational specialist are vetted through a multiple step process. From proper certification to fingerprinting and personal interview, we insure that our specialist are not only credentialed but sensitive to student needs. We provide instruction in the home, library, hospitals and therapeutic centers where necessary. Each specialist gives personalized and individual attention to student educational needs. When working with a school district we work alongside district personnel and follow NYS Education expectations. We are committed to ensuring student privacy and recognize that parents, legal guardians, and persons with a parental relationship to a student are entitled to certain rights with regard to their child's personally identifiable information, as defined by Education Law §2-d.

Dr. Salvatore Bellafiore
Over the past forty years, Dr. Salvatore Bellafiore has been a mathematics teacher, summer school principal, Principal of an alternative high school, program director for CTE programs, director of guidance services, and a SUNY University Adjunct Professor. He is a known speaker and lecturer on summer school programs through the organizations of New York State Education Department and School Administrators Association of New York State. In addition, he can be found as a guest lecturer at St. John’s University.
Since 1980, Dr. Bellafiore has been tutoring students in the areas of mathematics (6-12) and business curricula. He has counseled well over a thousand students towards their high school and post-secondary career success. As a New York State Licensed and Nationally Certified Counselor Dr. Bellafiore continues to provide counseling services through CSEs mandates. He has worked with a dichotomous student and parent population and has consulted extensively with school districts, non-for-profit student agencies, school administrators, counselors, and teachers throughout New York State.
Because of Dr. Bellafiore’s commitment to education he continues to provide exceptional educational services to private and public-school students. His belief is that all students have the ability to learn and to be successful, productive citizens. He will never give up on a student!
Dr. Bellafiore holds permanent New York State Licenses in mathematics, school counseling, administration and supervision, and as school district business administrator. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in mathematics/psychology from SUNY Stony Brook, a Master of Science (M.S.) in school counseling from LI University-CW Post, a Professional Degree (P.D.) in school administration from LI University – CW Post, and his Ed.D. in School Leadership and Supervision from St. John’s University.